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How We Help

The Basic Package of Oral Care (BPOC) is available to everyone and meets the Preventive Health Care (PHC) approach. The three components of the BPOC are Oral Urgent Treatment (OUT), Affordable Fluoride Treatment (AFT) and Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART).

EDUCATION... The primary focus and the cornerstone of the CHDI is based on timely continuing education programs for the dentists where monthly sessions are coupled with direct care teaching demonstrations.

OUT... Treatment is targeted for the emergency relief of oral pain, management of infections, and dental trauma. Access to this basic care is a fundamental right for people.

AFT...Preventing cavities through fluoride use is considered to be an efficient means of controlling decayed teeth.  To be effective the treatment has to be affordable, available and therapeutic. Education on the prevention of dental disease is delivered to everybody at the community health centers.

ART... is a procedure based on removing tooth decay using hand instruments alone and restoring the cavity with adhesive filling materials.

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